Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yoga and Religion

For me, I have clarity with "Is yoga a religion?" debate.  Explaining my clarity isn't always, well clear.

I teach kids yoga in public schools from time to time.  Before I enter a classroom or gym, the parental permission slips need to be signed.  And there is always a handful of parents who opt their children out  citing religion .

I do not teach religion.  I teach yoga, especially to elementary school children.

I teach breathing and smiling.  I teach strong Warrior poses and soft Butterfly poses.  We discuss happy colors and sad colors and mad colors and different colors.  I teach kids to share the love in their hearts; and I teach kids their voice is being heard.  I teach that action is a Sun Salute or a hug.  And I teach that rest is coloring a mandala or eyes closed quiet time.

Is this religion?  Does it take a court to rule if it is safely not religious to be taught in schools?  Yes, recently it did in California.

I do not write about this debate.  But many writers tackle the details head on. 

Please check out this great new resource from Bob Weisenberg, my former Editor at elephant journal; Best of Yoga Philosophy on Facebook and everywhere else:  Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

He has gathered many opinions for us to read, join in the chat or not.

You many not find answers, but you may find a little clarity.



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